A wolf looking up at a raven that is sitting atop a lamppost-high tree stump in a snow covered landscape within Yellowstone National Park

I'm seeking representation for my adult fantasy novel, THE RAVEN OF THE SLAIN. Complete at 100,000 words, it explores themes of motherhood, neurodiversity, and trauma through the lens of time travel and mythology.

After failing to win the position of apprentice to the chieftain of her tribe, Ylva put years of study into retraining as a seer. If all went well, she’d travel to the high king’s stronghold and undergo a magic initiation ritual, giving her the power to become chief seeress of her people.

But all did not go well.

Ylva’s parents refused to let her travel with them. Now the only way to fulfill her dreams is to cross the mountains alone. She’ll join other seers at the stronghold and expand her powers. But she has to get there first, and a being more dangerous than Ylva could imagine sleeps in the heart of the mountains. He is the Valravn, The Raven of the Slain, and something just woke him up.

THE RAVEN OF THE SLAIN, will appeal to readers of THE WITCH’S HEART by Genevieve Gorniche and people who loved THE WITCHER on Netflix.