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Norse rune Dagaz (Dagr) on a moss covered stone at the edge of a river seen in the background. Dagr is the symbol of Dawn and signifies transformation and quick changes to the good. Some people think it looks like a butterfly.

THE LAST ECHO, a sequel to THE RAVEN OF THE SLAIN, is complete at 100,000 words. It is an adult fantasy that explores themes of motherhood, neurodiversity, and trauma through the lens of time travel and mythology.

On a mission from Valravn, The Raven of the Slain, to cure the world of destructive paradox, Ylva never imagined the years she’d spend trying and failing to unravel fate’s snarl. After attempting hundreds of variations, reliving her life only to fail, Ylva decides her next attempt will be her last.

With time reset one last time, despair makes Ylva reckless, but motivation to succeed arrives as an image of her child thriving in a future she’s never seen. She may have already taken too many wrong turns for this new timeline to have a chance. Ylva must enlist help from old friends and once-husbands who don’t know her yet to try to find a way to save the world and bring her peace.